Welcome to Professional Reimbursement Network, LLC

Welcome to Professional Reimbursement Network (PRN), where excellence meets expertise in healthcare consulting. We specialize in delivering comprehensive audit, monitoring, review, and educational services that elevate the performance and financial health of healthcare organizations.

Our Services

At PRN, we understand the critical importance of balancing compliance and financial stability within the healthcare industry. With years of industry experience, our team, led by Clarice Warner, is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that drive operational efficiency and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

Comprehensive Audit and Monitoring

Our meticulous approach to audits and monitoring identifies areas for improvement, mitigates risks, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Revenue Cycle Management

We specialize in optimizing revenue cycles, streamlining billing processes, and maximizing financial performance for healthcare providers.

Training and Education Programs

PRN includes designing specialized training programs aimed at educating staff on compliance best practices. These programs cover various aspects of compliance, empowering your team to understand and adhere to regulatory requirements effectively.

Risk Mitigation

By proactively addressing compliance gaps, PRN helps minimize risks associated with non-compliance, safeguarding your organization’s reputation and financial health.

Educational Services

PRN offers specialized educational programs tailored for medical coding. Our courses are designed to equip aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills to become certified and marketable medical coders.

Strategic Partnership

We aim not just to provide consultancy but to foster a long-term partnership, offering continuous support and guidance in navigating regulatory challenges.